Electronic musician Michael Matera started out his musical career as a guitar player, trying to push the limits of what a guitar was supposed to sound like, it didnt take long for Michael to find out how he could expand his sonic pallet with the addition of keyboards.

Michael's first solo release, titled M, was met with positive reviews from many of Michael's peers in the electronic music scene. M is a collection of songs dating back to Michael's pre-keyboard days and features a few guitar only tracks, but you may have difficulty picking these tracks out from the synth tracks. "I always wanted to make the guitars sound more synthetic" says Matera, "not that I find anything wrong with the natural sound of the guitar, I just wanted to expand on the tone and push it in anyway i could."

Two, Matera's second CD released in winter of 2000, expands on the electronic styles from M. Two is a more percussion and beat oriented CD, consciously Michael was going for a more tribal sounding album. The inspiration for some of the tracks came from the adoption of an orphan elephant named Uaso. "Everyone asks me where I keep the baby elephant" says matera. "Actually The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is responsible for the upbringing of little Uaso. Basically you donate money to help with the expenses of successfully raising the orphan and ultimately having the elephant released back into the wild." For more information on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust visit http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org Both of Michael Matera's releases are available at Neverwhere Direct. Click here for more informationand to listen to some tracks from these releases. Also check out Michael's official website at http://www.matera.net


Neverwhere Records announced the signing of electronic music artist Dennis Haley. "We are extremely excited about this new relationship with Dennis Haley," Michael Matera of Neverwhere Record's said. "Musically Dennis has consistently produced quality music on his own terms. We are very proud to represent Dennis and look forward helping spread the word about his great music." Dennis' debut release titled Seven Seconds After is scheduled for release early this summer.


Seven Story Ladders is currently working on their first release for Neverwhere Records. Currently the News is that all of the music tracks have been recorded, just waiting on some vocal tracks and then off to mix. The CD is due to be out sometime this summer. There is a demo track in Neverwhere's Live365.com radio rotation. Listen for a sneak peak at the new Seven Story Ladders CD.


Nothing is an ongoing project between Michael Matera and Kevin McDevitt. There have been talks of releasing some new material. Until then you can enjoy Nothing's contribution to the Pink Pig Project which is a Cure tribute CD. Nothing recorded Bloodflowers for the project and was voted best song. Cynthia Heaton provided the vocals on this project. It was recorded at Big Sky studios by Joe DiMattia and assisted by Diane Zaiko. "Two weeks to learn the song, record the tracks and get it to Argentina... It was hectic but also really fun and I think it turned out really well."Nothings version of Bloodflowers is currently in the rotation at Neverwhere's LIVE365.com station. Tune in to listen to it now.


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